Overcrest Rally 2021 Utah - Day 2

On day 2, the group was reunited and traveling together to the end of the rally to the Overcrest Film Festival in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. The driving that that day was less intense as it was only about 200 miles or 4 hours of driving

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Leaving Escalante, UT

There wasn't any wild partying here last night, probably because everyone was dead tired from the long day of driving the day before. Most of the group was split on the route as some of us took the more "adventurous" dirt road and the other half went on pavement.

On day 2, the group was reunited and traveling together to the end of the rally to the Overcrest Film Festival in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. The driving that that day was less intense as it was only about 200 miles or 4 hours of driving, which allowed us to take more time to check out the smaller towns that we were driving through.

Looking back on 2 years... some side bar thoughts... click here

It is Aug 1st 2023 as I am writing this blog and looking back on almost two years of work, I can see where I failed to document much more candid moments that make the trip special. Instead I was focused more on the cars as a whole which only tells a partial story. I think I have been more aware of that and have made strides to be a better story teller through photos.

The hardest type of photography in my eyes are capturing moments that are well timed, meaning that I have to see a moment coming sometimes before it actually comes. The small gestures, emotional connections and macro details that give viewers a complete story. That is my goal, to be a better creator. Thank you for listening lol.

We ended up grabbing a quick bite for breakfast at the local town convenience store. Some people sat down and had a full on meal. Most of us leisurely started to leave Escalante around 8:30am.

Not too far from Escalante, we stopped by the ridge where we passed by yesterday afternoon. It is a glorious spot where Kris made a video of a drone following him on the ridge as the sun was setting and I think that single clip solidified people committing to the rally to be honest.

My photography didn't allow for me to capture this area well due to my low vantage point so I spent time just capturing the group being silly. When I look back on the photos, I can definitely say I didn't shoot enough but you live and you learn.

Quan is a text book introvert but I can always sense when his energy is shifting like right at this moment where he got into Jesse's 993 RWB. His quiet internal energy was screaming at me with glee.

We ended up driving around for a bit and ended up in the mountains in an area called Boulder UT. Once you see the vlog up, you can see where we switched cars and drove around in each other's cars.

After 3 hours of driving, we stopped by a small town called Ferron, UT where we fueled up and grabbed some snacks. However, me always being the adventurous type and looking for the small secret places that may be a local winner, found a little burger shop called Grub Box across the street. So we all headed over to scope it out. It definitely had all of the old time vibes but the food was nothing to write home about but hey, you can't win em all.

We eventually ended up in the mountains again and not too far out from the end of the rally where the drive in movie theatre was. I believe it was called East Mountain, where there was just acres and acres of tall pine trees.

We stopped by to stretch our legs yet again but this time, I wanted to push the boys to do some rollers on the mountain road.

First off, I had Mike and Frank pull out their chalk 911s and do the rollers in the late afternoon. The light on the hills were super harsh but the Fuji GFX 100 did a great job with the dynamic range. After that run, we ran Quan and Jesse for a roller session.

Eventually we pulled into the final stop, Basin Drive In Theatre in Mt Pleasant. You know people were hungry because you had a bunch of car guys eating a tray of raw veggies because that didn't require any time to wait for your food.  

Arriving to our final destination: Mt Pleasant Basin Drive In Movie Theatre

As the late afternoon sun started to say goodbye for the day, everyone got ready to buckle down to enjoy the movie night. It was a perfect way to end the 3+ days of long ass driving. You can see below just how much of the trip I slept lol. Everyone was sharing their own photos of me sleeping like I was a rare pokemon.

The 3 amigos (Kris, Jake and Jeff) on top of the snack shop giving their speech about the rally. Amazing to see all of their hard work pay off. Really love these guys... legit car guys doing car guy things in the most organic way.

Sorry about the huge gap in blog posting. My life as a creative content creator has been filled with many challenges. Mainly with my lack of organization but it comes with the territory but then look at that photo of Kris right above. That is a pretty sweet photo of a man enjoying himself knowing that all his efforts were well worth the time he put in and that every year after this would be just more and more epic.

I promise to be more consistent with the timing of my blogs, for those of you who even get to read this far or even read at all. I know there are a handful of you out there.

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